These clients were a married couple with three minor children. They wanted to split their estate between their three children.

We prepared a Trust plan for them. This included:

  • A Trust;
  • Pour Over Wills;
  • Financial Powers of Attorney;
  • Healthcare Powers of Attorney;
  • Living Wills; and
  • A Deed.

The Trust enables the clients to accomplish their goals in caring for their children.

The Pour Over Will provides security in case the clients miss transferring any assets into the trust. It allows the Personal Representative settling the estate to “pour” any assets outside of the trust into the trust.

The Power of Attorney documents provide for the couple if that they are ever in a situation in which they cannot make financial or medical decisions for themselves.

We prepared the Healthcare Directive for end of life decisions and to take the mystery out of what the couple would want to happen to them if they are ever in a permanent vegetative state.

The Deed we prepared conveyed the clients’ home into the trust, so that in the event of their death, the Trustees can sell the house or pass it down to their children.

Estate Planning Client Profile #119 | Married Couple | Three Minor Children

April 12, 2021


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